Hello world!

I have often come across blogs from various people & thought whatever has possessed them to invest the time & effort needed to keep a blog active? I have a stressful job, a busy life & little spare time, so I always believed that there was no possible way I would ever have the time (or willpower) to do this – not to mention what the heck could I talk about? Well, I recently embarked on a gargantuan reading challenge – one I suspect is going to take me years to complete & that got me thinking again about these blogs. So, I’ve decided to take the plunge, jump in the deep end fully clothed & sink or swim, as it were.

In my youth I was a voracious reader – I couldn’t get enough of books & I wish there had been something like this then, so I would have an acurate record of all the books I have read. Now, as I aproach my 40’s reading is something that I squeeze in after work (which can be incredibly hard to do if I have worked a 50+ hr week), between cooking dinner & going to bed. I want to read more, want to get back to the days when I was spending a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on your point of view) amount of my salary on the books I adore, which is why I joined a book forum. (http://bookclubforum.co.uk)

The forum is also where I got the idea of doing a reading challenge. I believe that it is important for me to continue to read the genre of books I love, but thought it also a good idea to “expand”, to read books I normally wouldn’t have given a second glance. Thus the global reading challenge was born. It is my intention to read a book from an author from every country in the world. Now, as I said, this could take me years to do, but I am really excited about it & can’t wait to look back at the variety of books I have read & re-look at how that book made me feel, etc.

I started this challenge a couple of months ago & am currently reading my third title and so far so good! I have also read a few other non-challenge books in the interim & shall comment on them as well, as this is really going to be a record of all the books I read, not just the global challenge ones. So, should you stumble across my humble blog (you must have done, or you wouldn’t be reading this comment 🙂 , lol) please feel free to comment or suggest books you think might interest me & I hope I don’t bore you too much!


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