Global Reading Challenge – I've hit a snag :(

Country Number 4 (Andorra for those of you who do not wish to go look & see what country # 4 is) is causing me untold grief. Now, by no means did I expect this to be a plain sailing kind of a challenge – where would be the challenge in that – but I certainly didn’t plan to hit a snag this early in!

When I set out my rules for this challenge (something I neglected to outline on here) one of them was that I was going to read a book on each country in the order in which they appeared on the list. I knew that there would possibly be some problems with finding English translations of books for certain countries but thought I would decide what to do when that problem arose. It’s arose. Already. I can not find a single book written  by an Andorran writer which has been translated into English! So, now do I skip over Andorra, leaving a blank spot in my blog so that I can come back & edit that one when I eventually do find a book in English? Or, do I read a book not written by an Andorran author, but a book about Andorra? What’s a girl to do? All suggestions welcome!



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2 responses to “Global Reading Challenge – I've hit a snag :(

  1. frenchchimera

    Hi there! I’m Chimera from BCF.

    I voted for n°1 as you can always read a book about andorra later if you really dont find any translated authors… i’m guessing the challenge will take you a long time so maybe new translations will come out before you finish it! Anyway, that was just my small contribution to your dilemna 😉

    Just added you to my blogroll as I’ll be interested to see what you read for this challenge. Good luck!

  2. I think you should read a book about Andorra, which would be an interesting departure from your normal challenge reading. Just my two cents!


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