The five people you meet in heaven ~ by Mitch Albom

the-five-poeple-you-meet-in-heavenI read & loved Tuesdays with Morrie a few years ago, so really looked forward to reading The five people you meet in heaven. It was sent to me by Inver, as part of a book ring from the Book Club Forum. I started reading it this morning, around 11:30 & finished it at just before 6 o’clock tonight. It’s a short book, but that isn’t why I read it so fast – it was because I enjoyed it so much!

The story is about Eddie, the head of maintenance at Ruby Pier, who is killed in an accident & goes to heaven. In heaven Eddie meets 5 people who end up profoundly changing the way he views the life he left behind. A life he had believed to be worthless & wholely unremarkable. As the story is so short, I really cannot say any more without giving away too much of the story, so I shall leave it at that & say that I really loved this book & I think that it’s one that should be on the top of everyone’s “Must read before you die” list.



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2 responses to “The five people you meet in heaven ~ by Mitch Albom

  1. inver

    So glad you enjoyed it….thanks for mention. Hoping the others in the ring enjoy it too when the get to read it. Looking forward to reading their comments too.

  2. I never finished this book, I got bored about halfway into the second person! I had read Tuesdays With Morrie prior to it and loved it, so I was rather disappointed with this book. I would like to give it another go sometime though, because I was quite young.

    Conversely, I loved Tuesdays as a young teen but I re-read it recently and thought it was completely overhyped!

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