The Kite Runner ~ by Khaled Hosseini

the-kite-runnerI read The Kite Runner this past weekend – in one sitting! This is a brilliant book & I really don’t know which I prefer – this or A Thousand Splendid Suns. The Kite Runner is about 2 young motherless boys (Amir & Hassan) growing up in 1970’s Afghanistan. Amir is the child of a wealthy well respected businessman & Hassan the son of his Amir’s father’s life-long servant, & their servant by default. Amir is growing up in the lap of luxury & Hassan lives in a mud hut in their back yard & is the person who prepares Amir’s breakfast & irons his clothes. So, one would think that Amir leads a charmed life, but for some unknown reason Amir’s father seems to prefer Hassan & to hate Amir (or so Amir thinks). The 2 boys spend their days (when Amir is not in school) together & on the surface they are the best of friends. Deep down though, Amir resents Hassan for the way that Amir’s father treats Hassan & as a result has a bit of a nasty streak where Hassan is concerned.

When the boys are 12 Amir witnesses an event which he could have prevented, but chose not to & this ends up destroying his & Hassan’s friendship. Hassan & his father leave the employ of Amir’s father & the 2 boys never see each other again. Fast forward to present day & Amir is a somewhat successful married author, living in the USA – but while he seems to have it all, the things he can’t have ( like the child he & his wife gave up trying for) he firmly believes are a result of his inaction in helping to save Hassan. When Amir receives a phone call from an old family friend, he knows that he must return to Afghanistan to seek the redemption he so desperately needs.

For some reason I am sure that I have read this book before. I haven’t, I know that, but so much of it seems familiar. I am pretty sure that I haven’t seen the movie either………….strange! Anyway……..a brilliant book that kept me gripped until the very end. I seriously could not put it down – had to keep reading until the very end! I would definately rank this book up there on my list of “one of the ones to read before you die” – if I had one, that is!


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