Since I don't have you ~ by Louise Candlish

since-i-dont-have-youThis is the second book I have read by Louise Candlish & this one is even better than the 1st. It’s about three women (Rachel, Mariel & Jenny) who all have daughters roughly the same age. Sitting in a cafe one afternoon the ladies decide to make a pact to take care of each others children, like they would their own, should anything happen to any of them.

Flash forward to when the little girls are all 6 years old & tragedy strikes in the form of the death of one of the children. Feeling she can’t survive in her old life without her daughter, Rachel abandons everything & runs away to live in Santorini, the place her mother was born, but her family had left after a catastrophic earthquake killed her sister. In her rush to escape the awful truth that she’s a mother without a daughter, Rachel cuts everyone out of her life – including her 2 best friends & their daughters.

I think that Louise Candlish has a real gift for finding plots that are new & fresh – I’ve yet to see a book with a similar plot to either of the books of hers I have read. I really enjoyed Since I don’t have you & would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a really good book to read, & I look forward to reading Candlish’s next book on offer!


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  1. Katie

    This sounds really good, I’ll keep my eye out for it

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