Michael J. Fox (I love this man)

The adventures of an incurable optimist

I have always had a very soft spot for Mr. Fox (as a young girl I dreamt of being Mrs. Michael J. Fox – hmmm, should I be admitting to that?) ANYWAY………..I have seen most of his movies (I’ll admit it, there are a few I haven’t seen (the Frightners, for example), but the ones I have seen I loved (& practically know off by heart – sad, I know!) & I absolutely loved Family Ties (my favourite tv show) & Spin City was great.
I read Lucky Man when it first came out & discovered through Michelle at the Book Club Forum that he has this new book coming out. It’s already on my Amazon wishlist & bf has strict instructions to make sure I get it. I hope that he is doing well (as well as can be, I suppose) & that some time soon they find a cure for Parkinson’s! I have a real respect for him & Tracy – not only have they dealt with his disease with aplomb, they managed to do what so many actors don’t do – raise a family out of the spotlight.
So, that’s it, consider this a confession, I love Michael J. Fox (sorry babe!)
Now go buy his books………. and his movies!
********Sorry about the spacing – I did really use proper paragraphs, but for some reason it isn’t showing up. I’ve edited this 3 times to try & fix it, but IT WON’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******** ok, rant over

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