The Death of Vushnu ~ by Manil Suri

the-death-of-vishnuI started reading this book last weekend after finding a 3 books for £5 offer at a local book store & buying it along with 2 other books. The blurb on the back sounded promising & it had been listed for a few book awards – I should have put it back on the shelf! I got about 1/2 way through the book before giving up & admitting defeat. This book is horrid!

There is 1 review for it on Amazon & that person said they had trouble with it, too, but perservered & loved it. Not sure how, as 1/2 way through I found no redeeming qualities. I did a quick search on LibraryThing to see what other people were saying about this book & it would seem that a lot of people feel the way I do. The funny thing is that on libraryThing if you search for a book there is this link you can click on & it tells you whether libraryThing thinks you will like the particular book you searched for. So, I clicked it & this is what came back that Librarything thinks I probably won’t like it, in fact it said: “LibraryThing thinks you probably won’t like The Death of Vishnu (certainty: high)”.

Probably should have done that before I bought the book!

So, If anyone wants a 1/2 read book, leave me a comment & I’ll send it your way! 🙂


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