Today I got a gift

bookmarkImagine calling yourself an avid reader & not owning a single bookmark? Ok, maybe there are lots of us out there who don’t own a bookmark, but I honestly can not remember the last time I did own one!

Today, on my way out to go shopping (see the post titled “Today I bought 7 books aka I was bad today!”) I opened my front door there was a package from a friend. Inside, as I was later to find out, was the book I had loaned her & the attached bookmark. Personally, I think it’s absolutely beautiful & I love it. The only problem is it does raise a couple of  questions.

Question # 1

Will I use it? – I should do. It’d be great to mark my place in a book with say a ………bookmark for once instead of a Tesco receipt, or an old lottery ticket.

Question # 2

Will I lose it? – God I hope not!

Question # 3

Isn’t it too pretty to use, for fear of getting tea or food or something on it? – Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, which takes me back to Question # 1!



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2 responses to “Today I got a gift

  1. inver

    Do you have special book that you just like to browse through that you could keep it safe in!

  2. Beverley A Simpson

    Hon, you have many “favourite” books that you could keep it in. Cookbooks are a great place to store bookmarks.


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