Why do people think that it is ok to steal things that don't belong to them?

Ok, please stop reading if you are not interested in hearing my rant about theft. This has nothing to do with books & normally I wouldn’t put this here, but I am SOOOOO pissed off right now, that I need to get this off my chest!

My Other Half & I moved in October to what we thought was a decent area, to a better than decent flat. The neighbours were all really nice & friendly & most of them introduced themselves within days of us moving in. There was even a bike rack around the back of our building & people appeared to be using it, which was good news because OH & I cycle to & from work each day. Then, in December, just before Christmas someone took it upon themselves to steal OH’s bike. We blamed ourselves, saying his lock was the culprit, that we had not been careful enough, that somehow we could have prevented this. The ironic thing was that my bike was alongside his & was worth almost as much as his, yet my bike was untouched. We had different locks on our bikes (in fact, OH’s was the only bike in the rack with the kind of lock he had) so surely this was the proof that we were right, that the lock was the culprit. Luckily at that time, OH was off work as he was sick, so we didn’t have to fork out any extra money trying to get him back & forth to work.

Flash forward almost 2 weeks & we went & bought him a new bike. This bike was (perhaphs stupidly) a much better bike than his old one – he loved it! We spent £250.00 on this new bike & bought an uber-lock that was supposed to be the hardest lock to break into, resulting in theft of the bike. We brought the bike home & thought we took all of the precautions necessary to make sure that this new bike was safe. Then, last week OH made a passing comment that someone had taken the front light holder off the bike, while it had been locked up. We thought that this was odd, but couldn’t imagine that someone had actually done this – why would they, the didn’t steal the light, it was here in our flat. They only stole the light holder, the thing that attached the light to the bike.

Why would someone do this? Oh, I know, the bastards did it because they could & because they were scoping out OH’s new bike! On Saturday, as I was heading out of the flat, OH asked me to check to see if his bike was still there – not something he would normally do!  Did he have a premonition of things to come? I meant to check, but forgot. So, this morning he goes downstairs to get his bike to go to work & it’s gone. Would my having checked that the bike was there have prevented what we discovered this morning? I doubt it. BASTARDS!!!!

What gives someone the right to steal something that quite clearly doesn’t belong to them? Did the people in the 2 ground floor flats which face the area the bike rack is is not see something? Again, my bike is still there – so what have we done wrong this time? We can’t afford this – can’t claim it on the insurance because a) it would drive our premiums up & b) the excess would mean that we would only get £80 for his bike – how ridiculous is that!  What is the point of having insurance if the thing you most need it to cover will be significantly reduced in value because the insurer forces you to have an excess?

So, now we have had 2 bikes stolen in 6 weeks!!! I hate Bedford!!! I hate my neighbours!!! I hate that we are now almost £500 out of pocket for the 2 bikes!!! I hate that we are now going to have to spend at least another £150 to buy him a new bike!!! I hate that it is going to cost us £50 per week to get OH back & forth to work until we can get him a new bike!!! I hate that we are now going to have to find a new bike for OH – does the moron that stole the bike not know how hard it is for us to find bikes that OH likes?????!!!!! Oh wait, they’re thieving bastards, they don’t care!!!


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