The Shakespeare Secret ~ by J.L. Carrell

the-shakespeare-secretA couple weeks back I was browsing through the piles of books on the shelves at The Works (A discount bookshop, they like to call themselves, but I usually struggle to find anything I want to buy there, other than stationery) & I picked up this book, as well as 2 others, for £5! (See this post). I then happened to mention it on The Book Club Forum that I had bought it & soon there were a few of us reading it, including RoxiS.C. & Chrissy & we were discussing it in a thread on the forum (thread).

I have to admit, I hadn’t held out great hope for this novel – the people who have reviewed it on Amazon have trashed it – but I really liked  the sound of it from the blurb on the back. Now that I am back at work my reading time is limited to the hour or so I have between Dinner, surfing my forums, spending time with Nige & going to bed – not a lot of time, so this book has taken me a week to read. So, since I had fairly poor expectations of this book, you could excuse it for becoming a self fulfilling prophecy, but it didn’t.

A lot of people have complained that there is not enough character development in this novel. I’ll give them that – there really isn’t much character development in this book, but I didn’t think that really mattered. This book isn’t about the characters, it’s about the story. I know that a lot of books have characters whose development is integral to the plot of the book – this isn’t like that. The characters are secondary to the story & I think to have written it any other way would have detracted from the story that was being told. It’s like RoxiS.C. said – this book is an action movie in print form.

So, about the book! Kate Stanley is in the process of directing Hamlet at the Globe – her first play she has directed there – when she is approached by her once-mentor Roz, who tells her she has found something that will set the world of Shakespeare alight. Ths revelation sets off a series of events that will see Kate fighting for her life & on the run from a serial killer who is killing his victims in the manor of the murders in Shakespeare’s plays.

I thought that this book was well written, fast paced &  very enjoyable! Oh yeah, I also think the people who reviewed this book on Amazon got it all wrong!


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One response to “The Shakespeare Secret ~ by J.L. Carrell

  1. Ahhh I see my name everywhere! *hides*

    I’m glad you posted no spoilers, because I couldn’t help reading this review! 😀

    Although I already know whodunnit ¬_¬
    I really must get it finished!

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