The Secret Shopper's Revenge ~ by Kate Harrison

the-secret-shoppers-revengeI received The Secret Shopper’s Revenge from Louiseog on the Book Club Forum as a book ring, about a week ago, but as I was in the middle of a book when it arrived it had to wait! I don’t normally read a lot of what seems to be classed as chic-lit (though I am reading far more of it this year than most!) , but this book kind of called out to me to read it when Louiseog offered it as a book ring.

This book is about 3 women who are secret shoppers – or mystery shoppers as we call them in my industry. Grazia the virtually penniless yet glamorous Italian widow who was her artist husband’s muse, Sandie the former store manager who was double crossed by a hateful colleague & Emily the self-professed country bumpkin single mother, who is barely making ends meet. Together the 3 of them make up “Charlie’s shopping angels” & they spend a lot of time together scoping out shops, on secret missions, looking for the good, the bad & the ugly of the retail trade.

I liked the idea of this book – it was fun & easy to read, but I also found bits of it really annoying! I wanted to grab Emily & shake her, I found her character to be somewhat irritating & I somehow don’t really think that was what the author was aiming for! I have to say that one of the things I found really really annoying was that at one point in the book Emily & Sandie are out secret shopping together & the author goes into great detail about the results of one of Emily’s filming’s…………….only to leave you hanging. Why go into so much detail about how that person treated Emily (even “showing” us the video evidence) if you’re not going to tie up that loose end?

The 3 ladies in this book all nicely portray the idea of what can happen when we allow other people to rule over us – to make decisions for us, to put us down, to use our ideas & take the credit,  etc. They are the epitome of that. Through the course of the book you see the ladies grow to accept that there are things that need changing in all of their lives & that they & they alone posses the power needed to make these changes.  Only, have they realised too late the power they individually possess?

I would say that I am glad that I read this book, (thank you Louiseog!) but it isn’t one I could see myself re-reading. I think my little sister would love this book, though & I intend to send  a copy of it to her (as soon as I can afford to,  that is! lol!)


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