World Book Day 2009


Tomorrow is World Book Day. How is it possible that someone who reads as much as I tend to, didn’t know that there was such a thing as World Book Day? Odd! I know that the title says “World” – but this actually seems to be a British thing. From what I can see, it  is done in several other places, but the version of World Book Day which I am taking part in is a phenomenon created by Tony Blair in 1998. But, apparently World Book Day was originally organised by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing & Copywrite & was first celebrated in 1995, 0n the 23rd of April & was called World Book & Copywrite Day. So why the 2 different days? Why did Tony feel the need for the British to promote it on a different day? Do Brits “celebrate” World Book Day twice? So confused!

Anyway, doesn’t really matter! Just wanted to tell you about the great idea that Kell at the Book Club Forum had. The idea was that a bunch of us signed up saying where we were & where we were willing to send a book to, then she paired us up & we swapped books with our partner! Charm was mine & I sent her the 1st ever book I read that was written by Jeffery Deaver, called Blue Nowhere. I loved it & am really glad that I had the chance to introduce it to someone else. I only hope she loves it as much as I did!  As I type she still hasn’t received the book – I really hope it arrives in time! (I really hope she doesn’t read this before her book arrives!) The book she sent me arrived at the weekend, but is currently sitting on the arm of my sofa waiting to be opened ~ it just seemed like the right thing to do, to wait until hers from me had arrived at her house………..come on Amazon, don’t let me down!

So, if you read this tomorrow (or tonight after the book stores have closed, lol) & want to get involved but didn’t know about World Book Day (UK), you can still join in on April 23rd, with UNESCO. In fact, I think I might celebrate both!


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