Global Reading Challenge ~ the rules have changed!

As much as it pains me to do this, I have decided to make a change to the rules (which I am allowed to do, because I wrote the rules!) on which country gets read in which order.

For far too long (longer than I wish to admit) I have been stuck on Andorra (I am starting to hate Andorra!). I did the poll & it was decided that I should read a book about Andorra, rather than a book written by an author from Andorra. So, one should think that was problem solved, right? WRONG! I have found a few books written about Andorra ~ most of them are ski & travel books, so were immediately discarded from the potential reads. Of the others, only 1 interests me & lets face it, if I am going to make it through 198 (is that how many it is?) countries, then I really have to be at least moderately interested in the book I am going to read. That one book has been panned for it’s factual “inaccuracies” within the book. Mainly that Andorra is a land locked country in the Pyrenees Mountains, but the book is based in a town that has a beaches & a harbour capable of holding ostentatious yachts. That’s kinda put me off reading it.  

So with that in mind, I have instituted a change in the rules! Rule # 3 (which you can’t see, the rules are not written down, they are only in my head, which funnily enough makes them very easy to change!) was: The countries shall be read in the order that they appear on my list IE: Alphabetical. It has now been amended to read: Rule # 3: The order of the countries on the list shall have no bearing on the order in which the books get read. That rule change is going to take some getting used to! I was liking the nice orderly appearance of this Global Reading Challenge & now it pure chaos! 

Phew, at least this means I can now get back to the business of Global Reading & get this challenge back on track!


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