Oh my god! That is so cool!


So, I love coming onto my blog & looking at the places people are at who look at my blog & I just logged on after work to have a peek & someone from my home town has been on here! Ok, so that might not be weird or anything amazing, but I come from a small community outside of a very small city (Metropolitan area of about 120,000) & while I knew (& still know) loads of people from Saint John, I can’t imagine who would have found my blog! http://www.new-brunswick.net/Saint_John/   I miss home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, to whoever it was, I say thanks for visiting! Please come back often, bring some friends & sign the guest book (ie: leave a comment!)

And to those of you who don’t care that it makes me smile that someone from home was here, sorry to have subjected you!


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