Air Babylon ~ by Imogen Edwards-Jones

book-coverI thought I would read Air Babylon as I had enjoyed Hotel Babylon & so I thought “Why not?” I’ll tell you why not – it wasn’t a very good book! I guess perhaps, truth be told, Hotel Babylon probably wasn’t that great a book either, but as I work in the hotel industry it was amusing to see the sordid tales laid out in print (Trust me, they all really did happen somewhere, as quite a few of the things that happened in Hotel Babylon, I have seen for my own eyes, in the various hotels I have worked in). So, I thought that perhaps Air Babylon would have the same kind of appeal, only it didn’t.

Can’t say I really enjoyed reading about where they shove dead bodies, face-farts or especially reading about some of the things they do to passengers’ meals. Not to mention the drugs, sex, & alcohol! I wish I hadn’t bothered with this one!


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