A Bend in the Road ~ By Nicholas Sparks

a-bend-in-the-roadI am not a big reader of “romance” type novels, quite the opposite, in fact! There’s nothing better in a book, in my humble opinion, than a bit of murder, mayhem & a lot of mystery, but I do feel that there is a time & a place in my life for these books. If you are a romance reader & have never read any of Nicolas Sparks  novels, then I can heartily say that you should! I have only read one other of his novels, Message in a Bottle, & I have seen The Notebook (which is one of the few movies to ever make me cry) so I had a rough idea of what to expect & I wasn’t disappointed.

A Bend in the Road follows the story of New Bern, South Carolina Deputy Sheriff, Miles Ryan & New Bern primary school teacher Sarah Andrews. Miles lost his wife, Missy in a hit-&-run accident & 2 years later was still trying to deal with the aftermath & at the same time raise his young son, Jonah. Sarah is a primary school teacher who as a recently divorcee has left behind her life in Baltimore, to start anew in New Bern.

They meet for the first time at a parent-teacher meeting about Jonah & for Sarah at least, there are instant sparks. Slowly Miles & Sarah being to develop their feelings for each other not knowing there is a secret lying undiscovered down the road that is going to blow apart everything & force them to question everything they believe in. Can their fledgeling relationship survive?

A Bend in the Road is a nice lovely, easy read & one I would definitely recommend you read!


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