The Skin Gods ~ by Richard Montanari

the-skin-godsFrom the Back of the book: “Philadelphia is blistering in the summer heat and detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano prowl the streets with growing unease. Suddenly, a series of crimes shatters the restless city. A beautiful secretary is slashed to death in a grimy motel shower; a street hustler brutally murdered with a chainsaw. Piece by piece, a sickening puzzle presents itself: someone is recreating famous Hollywood murder scenes and inserting the clips into videos – for an unsuspecting public to find.

Investigations reveal a violent workd of underground film, pornography and seedy nightclubs, hidden to all but the initiated. None of The Actor’s victims are as innocent as they appear, though, and Kevin and Jessica soon discover they’re not just chasing a homicide suspect. They are stalking evil itself…”

The Skin Gods is the second M0ntanari book I have read & is the second of four books featuring the same lead characters (Kevin Byrne & Jessica Balzano) & of the 2 I would say that this one is better (which I often find to be the case). Perhaps that is because I know the characters & already relate to them, so the story flows better, as I don’t need to concentrate so much on trying to get to know & understand the main characters?

Anyway, I  digress! As mentioned in the blurb, The Skin Gods sees Jessica & Kevin faced with tracking down a killer who is killing his victims in the manner of famous murder scenes from Hollywood movies. Not an easy task as the initial killing shows. The have no leads, no body & no idea if it’s even a real murder!

I found The Skin Gods to be a fast paced, energetic read, which had me bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t read for longer in the evenings. There were several twists & turns, which helped keep the pace flowing in this book & which kept me guessing right up to the very end! I would definitely recommend The Skin Gods to anyone looking for a good mystery/thriller to read. I would suggest you read Rosary Girls first, though. Next on the list is Broken Angels, which I am eagerly looking forward to reading. (After I get through a couple other books which have been waiting for my attention, lol) And a big thank you to Charm for introducing me to this author & for loaning me the books to read!


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  1. Great review Ceinwenn. Glad you liked it! 🙂 Hope you enjoy Broken Angels just as much!

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