Bring more Hockey to Canada

Gary Bettman seems to have a real hate-on & disdain for real hockey fans. Otherwise, why would he purposly standin the way of someone buying a bankrupt team & moving them to Canada (to Hamilton)? The Phoenix Coyotes have already gone bankrupt & yet Bettman thinks that they could still make it work there. How? The team has a small (very small) but dedicated following, but other than that the team is a non-entity as far as the rest of the state is concerned, which unfortunately seems to be the case for most teams in the Southern US market. Again & again the teams are getting into financial trouble because the US fan market just isn’t there, so why does Bettman think that it can still work?

Bettman has been bad news for the NHL since he became the commissioner & it is time for him to go. Please, if you love hockey, add your voice to those of us asking the NHL to oust Bettman.

Leave your message here – NHL Feedback

And, please sign my petition!


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