Broken Angels ~ by Richard Montanari

Broken AngelsCome and Play……………

When the first body is found, mutilated and strangled on the riverbank, Philadelphia homicide detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano suspect yet another case of random urban violence. Then it happens again. And again.

Carefully dressed and posed, each victim seems to tell a story so gruesome that Byrne and Balzano struggle at first to make sense of the killer’s dark and twisted imagination. But when they stumble upon a collection of old fairy tales. the fragile link between the murders suddenly becomes clear – and with it the terrifying conclusion of the killer’s plan.

Desperately, they try to anticipate the madman’s next move, but as the body count rises, the killing spree spirals out of control…

Broken Angels is the 3rd in the installment of books centering around Detectives Byrne & Balzano & as a series, the books are getting better as they go along. The book begins in the past, in 2001, with Detective Walter Brigham dreaming about the murders of two young girls, dreaming that they are alive, well & happy young ladies. He then wakes up & realizes that this isn’t actually the case, but hopes that one day he will catch their killer.

Flash forward to 2006 & a body is discovered on the banks of the Schuylkill River, behind an abandoned warehouse. Besides the obvious, that there is a murdered body, there is something very wrong with this murder scene, and this is just the beginning!

As mentioned, this is the third book in the series & the third I have read. They get better as the series goes along & I am really looking forward to reading the next book. I have really come to love the characters of  Balzano & Byrne & their developing professional relationship, though I do have to admit that this book doesn’t seem to have much of that – at lease not like the last 2 have had. I sailed through this book, gripped by what was going on (until I got to the end but that was because I was trying to make this book last because I am going to be reading my next book with a group of ladies from the Book Club Forum & not all of them are ready to read that next book).

The last part of this book is most definitely by far the best part of the book. The action reaches a fever pitch & I really can’t say any more than that because that will give it all away!

All I will say is that I thoroughly enjoyed this book & would recommend the series to anyone who enjoys reading murder/mystery thriller type novels. Go and buy the books!


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