Harper Connelly Series by Charlaine Harris

Grave SightGrave SurpriseAn ice cold grave

I received these books as part of a book ring from a lovely lady called Gyre, on The Book Club Forum. The reviews I have read have been favourable, to a man & everyone in the ring so far has absolutely loved them. I wish I could say that I was in that camp, but I am not. I tried soooooooo hard to love these books but that is incredibly difficult to do when you hate the main character! (Sorry Gyre, I really really tried!)

The premis of the books is excellent & I can honestly say I have never heard of anyone else writing books about someone being “in tune” with dead bodies & being able to find them, so in that respect the idea behind the books is brilliant. Harper Connolly was struck by lightening as a young teen & left with the dubious “gift” of being able to find dead bodies (as long as the general location of that body was a known factor), which she has crafted into a form of employment for her brother & herself.

Unfortunately I passionately disliked the main character(s), so didn’t really enjoy the series. I read all of the first book, half of the second & skipped the third. Then, because I was part of a book ring I have struggled with what to say here because I really desperately wanted to like these books & I really don’t want to hurt the feelings of the lovely person who so kindly lent them out to all of us! Suffice to say that these books were not for me – that is enough.


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