I logged on the other day & noticed while checking my blog stats that someone had been referred to my blog by a site called I had never heard of this site, so I naturally went to check it out. It’s a blog surfing website & it scrolls through recently updated blogs on both wordpress & blogspot. You can control the interval (the time the site sits on each blog before moving onto another blog). If the reader finds a blog that interests them then they can pause the site to read the blog post there & then, or bookmark the site for later.

You can also sign your blog up to their free service (which I did!) – which helps increase traffic to your blog. The way I figure it, anything that is going to bring book lovers to my blog is a must have. It’s a no-brainer, really!



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  1. Pharmacist Millie

    I also subscribed to this. So far it has brought in more visitors to my site which I am happy about.

  2. Chimera

    Sounds good, I’ll go check it out.

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