Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child

Gone TomorrowFrom the Dust Jacket –

“Suicide bombers are easy to spot. They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. Mostly because they’re nervous. By definition they’re all first-timers.

There are twelve things to look for. No one who has worked in law enforcement will ever forget them.

New York City. The subway, two o’clock in the morning. Jack Reacher studies his fellow passengers. Four are ok. The fifth isn’t.

The train breaks for Grand Central Station. Will Reacher intervene, and save lives? Or is he wrong? Will his intervention cost lives – including his own?

As the dust jacket says, Reacher gets involved in a situation where he thinks that there is a suicide bomber on the subway. The “action” he chooses to take results in a lot of action happening to & around Reacher. He gets caught up in a network of crime & intrigue involving the Taliban, a US Senator & lots & lots of men with guns!

I have read (and loved) all of the Jack Reacher books, so I was very eagerly awaiting the arrival of this one. Then, life kinda got in the way & I didn’t buy it as soon as it came out, like I usually do.  Well, I can happily report that once I did finally get around to buying Gone Tomorrow, I was very pleased I had! It was another typical Reacher page-turner. I read it in little better than an afternoon, though it has taken me far far longer to get my act together & write this blog (I have had it on a draft since the 28th of June!)

If you have read (and enjoyed) any of the Reacher series, then I can safely say that you will not be disappointed with the latest in the series. Jack gets up to his usual tricks & saves the world (lol) & meets a beautiful lady at the same time. Hmmm, never really thought about this before, but maybe these books are the James Bond for the 2000’s? A rough & tumble, sexy man who does his utmost to protect the world – only he doesn’t have the techno gadgets that come courtesy of Q – using his wit, physical strength , strength of character & the skills learned from a lifetime around the military. Sort of formulaic, but it works. It must work or I for one wouldn’t be rushing out to buy the next installment every time Mr. Child releases a new Reacher book!

In short, this is an excellent book & I am sitting at home on my sofa counting down the days until I can have my next Jack Reacher fix!


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