Too Close to Home ~ Linwood Barclay

Too Close to HomeWhat would you do if you discovered that the family who were your closest neighbours had been murdered? What about if you subsequently begun to suspect that they had been murdered in error, that it had been your family who were supposed to have been the victims of this supposed random killing?

These are the questions asked in Too Close to Home, by Linwood Barclay. To me, it’s a pretty scary proposition. Not one I would like to think about too much, thank you. Unfortunately, this is exactly the scenario in Linwood Barclay’s Too Close to Home.

Though this is the first book I have read by Barclay I have heard a lot of good things about his other book, No Time for Goodbye. I was in Waterstones one day & ran across Too Close to Home, so I picked it up & after reading the back, just knew that I wanted to read this book! Other than the ending, which I thought was a bit of a cop-out, I really loved this book.

Linwood Barclay wrote very believable characters – especially Jim & Ellen & their relationship with each other. Jim was by far my favourite of the characters in the book – he had a kind of sarcastic wit which I love in a person. The story flies, but by the time the killer is revealed the story starts to lose its way, which was a shame. Luckily, this didn’t ruin the story completely, but it did dampen the enjoyment of it & won’t stop me from reading Barclay’s 1st book & any others that may come.


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