The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

I read the Time Traveller’s Wife (now to be known as TTTW) a while ago (around the time that the movie was just coming out into the cinemas) & I loved it. Such a brilliant premise for a book & Audrey Niffenegger wrote it so well…………until the end. I was soooooo angry about how she ended this book. It’s like once she got to that climactic point (which I can’t talk about without giving the book away), she got bored & someone else finished the book for her. Either that or her Editor called her just after she’d finished writing that climax & told her he’d got the deadline wrong, that the book absolutely HAD to be sent for publication that very afternoon, so the ending is the best thing she could come up with during the taxi ride to the publishing house?

For those of you who are thinking about it, but as yet have not read TTTW, I say “Read it, you will enjoy it immensely, but be prepared to be hacked off about the ending!” For those of you who have no idea what TTTW is, or is about, should I say, then let me tell you a little bit – without giving too much of the story away.

Henry DeTamble is a mild mannered Librarian by day and a Time Traveller………no wait, that’s not quite right. Henry is a Time Traveller. His DNA is messed up, so he spends his spare time travelling through time & through his past. During one of Henry’s travels he meets Clare Abshire, who at the time is a small, but opinionated child. Henry & Clare bond & the majority of the book is around Henry travelling back to various points of Clare’s childhood/young womanhood, which is how we learn about the two characters. Eventually Henry & Clare’s paths cross when they are both in the same day/month/year & the two meet for the first time in the here & now.

The rest of the book is based around the concequences of Henry & Clare meeting in the present & how their futures have been shaped by Henry’s popping in & out of Clare’s past. Lost yet? Trust me, it will all make much better sense once you have read this wonderful book for yourself. (Unless the ending makes you hate the whole thing, that is. 🙂 lol)

TTTW really was a brilliant book & I thoroughly enjoyed reading it (until I got to the end – have I mentioned that bit yet?), so I thought best to avoid the movie, even though I know quite a few people who have read the book & seen the movie & loved the movie. Flash forward a few months & I am a captive audience hurtling through the air at a million miles an hour, on my way home to Canada for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary & TTTW was one of the choices of movies to watch. So, I decided to watch it. I’m glad I did! It was a very honest representation of the book, unlike some other book-to-movie adaptations I (& I am sure you) have seen. The ending wasn’t the same as the book & for that I would like to say “THANK YOU” to whoever the screenplay writer/s was/were! Still not a great ending, but miles better than the book!


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