Foursome by Jane Fallon

I’ve really been struggling with my reading so far this year. I’ve read a few books I not written about on here, because for a while I either didn’t have the time, or was way too tired to bother. Add to that the fact that my reading mojo seems to have up & went, & well, there didn’t really seem to be much for me to write about…….(At some point I will come back & write about them, though as some of them were really good books!)

So, in the past when I have not felt like reading, I have resorted to (I hate this term) Chick lit. I tell you, there is nothing like the occasional book where all you have to do is sit back & let it happen. Where the book is all about the enjoyment & not so much about the plot/who killed whom/why did he/she do that, etc – that’s what I’ve found that Chick lit predominantly is. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of the Chick lit that I have read, but I only read it very occasionally (perhaps because a tiny part of me is ashamed to admit I enjoy it, lol)

Foursome by Jane Fallon was given to me by one of my staff at work, after it had made the rounds of the office. I loved it! It was funny, quirky, slightly predictable, fun….all the things I needed when I started reading this.

Foursome is about 4 friends, Rebecca, Daniel, Alex and Isabel who have been friends since uni (and are now 2 couples – Rebecca & Daniel & Alex & Isabel) but when Alex decides to leave Isabel and declare his undying love for Rebecca everything changes and not for the better! This book is very well written, very believable &  had me laughing out loud in spots (not necessarily a good thing when you are riding the bus, lol). It is the 1st book I had read by Fallon & I am sure it won’t be the last! I cannot recommend this enough, the feel-good factor alone is all the reason you need to pick this up & give it a go!


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