Reading becoming a chore?

Well, my 2010 reading time has flown past & it has not been a great year, unfortunately. I read very little for the first 5 months of the year – (just couldn’t seem to be bothered!), but have really made up for it in the last couple of months. I have ready about 20 books, but have really struggled with finding the time & energy to blog about them.

Not to mention my Global Reading Challenge……………..Not a single book so far in 2010, which also needed to change! I know we all lead busy lives, but reading was always such a joy for me, has it now become a chore? I’m ashamed to say that for a while, yes, it had. I’d get home from work & be more happy to sit in front of the laptop on Facebook, or would sit watching some mindless tv rather than picking up a book. And the weekends? Who had time? Well, I did, but I just couldn’t be bothered!

Luckily, I found a book that turned that around. Haven’t found time to write about it yet, but at least I am reading loads now!  (to the point of missing stops on trains as I am so engrossed in my book!) So, I am happy to say that while I still struggle with the balance of reading/work, reading is back to being my pleasure & no longer a chore!


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