The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver

Those of you who know me will know that I think that Jeffery Deaver is a writing God. Unfortunately my “God” seems to be fallible – shock, horror!! Of all the books I have read by Deaver, this one ranks up there as one of my least favourites. I was bored reading it & I really really disliked the main character, which kinda detracts from the book. Hard to enjoy a book when you hate the lead character (unless of course, that was the author’s intent, which I think I can safely say was not meant to be the case here). Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are some books by Deaver that while good books, were not for me. I’ve read some of his  books that I absolutely HATED & vowed to never read the rest of the series, but this was a stand-alone, so no series to slog through or avoid. So, you may be wondering why I disliked this book so much? It was boring!

The Bodies Left Behind centres around a policewoman named Brynn McKenzie, who is wrestling with some personal issues, in the form of a husband she suspects is no longer in love with her, a son who is rebelling at school & the memories of a violent ex-husband. Brynn is called to check out a 911 call which was made from a house on the edge of Marquette State Park. She arrives on the scene to discover 2 murder victims & a witness & the rest of the book is made up of Brynn & the female witness being chased through the State Park by the murderers. There are a couple of the characteristic Deaveresque misdirections, but they fail to thrill in the usual way. I think the biggest problem with this novel is that there is far too much time spent chasing around the State Park – this book could have been about 150 pages shorter, which would have tightened the plot & made it far more exciting. The shame of it is that this book had the potential to be a real corker, but it wasn’t even a slow burn.


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