The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

Earlier this summer a friend & I spent the day at a country park here in Nottinghamshire. While we were there we went to the gift shop & she bought a couple of books & I picked up The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. I’ve read a couple of his other books (Message in a bottle, A bend in the road) & really enjoyed them, which is what lead me to picking this one up. When I saw that it was the sequel to The Notebook, I was a little hesitant in getting it. I have seen the movie The Notebook, but hadn’t read the book, so was unsure if I would want to read this. Well, I am pleased to say that I am really glad I spent the £2.99 to buy The Wedding!

Often I tend to get really wrapped up in the books I read & this can sometimes have somewhat disastrous consequences.  Well, not long after deciding to read The Wedding I had to travel to Northampton for a training day for work. Since I don’t drive that meant taking the train, which was perfect, as it would mean that I could sit on the train for several hours & just read. Which is what I did. By the time I was on the return part of my journey I was in a very crucial part of the book & became so engrossed that I missed my train stop, where I was supposed to change trains so that I could get home. 2 stops after I was supposed to have changed trains I happened to look up & realise what had happened. Oops! Well, that bit of being so engrossed added an extra 2.5 hours to my train journey, but it was so worth it!

The Wedding follows the story of Wilson & Jane after Wilson has come to the realisation that his wife has fallen out of love with him & that he alone must shoulder the blame for this. Wilson is the son-in-law of Noah & Ali (they of The Notebook) & he turns to Noah for help in how to make Jane fall in love with him again. The Wedding is a beautiful story of romance told from a male perspective & I can honestly say that it reduced me to tears in a couple of places. (trust me, this is a very rare thing for books & movies).  So often sequels are such a disappointment (both in book & movie format), but The Wedding wasn’t. What I don’t understand is why the people who made The Notebook into a blockbuster film haven’t grabbed this book & done the same. The Notebook reduced countless women to tears & I know that The Wedding would do the same!



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3 responses to “The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

  1. Sue

    Hey! Glad you enjoyed this one…I did too! I’ve read a couple more Nicholas Sparks books and they were great as well- so when you have time you should check some more out!

  2. I have read a few more, just haven’t had time to write about them. Soon, though!

  3. The Notebook movie would always put a tear on my eyes, i love this movie very very much :

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