A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

I have come to expect some pretty great stories from Nicholas Sparks – let’s face it, he has written some pretty fab books ie: The Notebook, A Bend in the Road, Message in a Bottle – to name a few. Unfortunately, this was not one of the great books. It was ok, I guess. Shocking, but true!

A walk to Remember is about a guy named Landon who has all of the advantages in life, in a small town & a girl named Jamie who doesn’t. Jamie is the daughter of the poor widowed preacher, Landon is the son of the politician who spends most of Landon’s life in Washington. Landon & Jamie have nothing in common, but begin to develop a friendship when they are thrown together as the leads in the Christmas Play (which co-incidentally Jamie’s father wrote about his dead wife).

Unfortunately I can’t actually tell you what happened in the rest of the book, because I stopped reading it! It was that bad! I won’t give away what I do know (I skipped some of the middle & read ahead, so I know part of it), but even that interesting bit wasn’t enough to entice me to finish this book!

A rare stinker from Mr. Sparks!


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