61 Hours by Lee Child

Jack Reacher is one of those characters that while I cannot relate to him at all on a personal level, I do love him! I suppose it’s kind of like how people (me) love the character Dexter – the mass murdering blood spatter analyst. Reacher is a drifter who in his travels is righting the wrongs he comes across, and more often than not by very violent means. Reacher has killed more than his fair share (is there such a thing as a fair share in the murder game?) of men, making him as mass murderer…….but the thing is, he’s a good guy. He only kills people who deserve it, lol.

I don’t remember which was the first Reacher book I read (it definitely wasn’t the 1st book, though), but once I read that first book, that was it, I was hooked!

61 Hours sees Reacher travelling on a bus, with a Senior’s tour in the middle of winter, more by accident than by design, though. He’d bribed the driver to allow him to travel with the tour to the next stop on the tour where Reacher could then move on to where ever he was next drifting toward. unfortunately the bus becomes involved in an incident & crashes. The police from the nearest town come collect the injured seniors taking them to hospital & putting the rest with host families while they wait for their replacement bus to arrive.  Bolton, the town they are taken to is the location of a new super prison & home toa flourishing drug trade.

The Bolton police are locked into a service contract with the prison which requires every last officer to rush to the perimeter of the prison within ten minutes of a riot or escape alarm sounding & the town is in a kind of lock down while they are protecting one of the locals who is due to testify against the drug lords who are operating out of the old army base. Queue the drama!


This is the 1st Reacher book that isn’t a stand-alone. The book come to a pretty dramatic climax, as those of who have read Reacher books have come to expect, and ends with a “To be continued”, with Worth Dying For being the next in the Reacher installment.

If you haven’t read any of Lee Child’s books – DO! Start at the beginning & enjoy!


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