Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks follows the story of John Tyree, a once troubled youth who joined the army because he felt he had no other choices in life. While home on leave John meets Savannah, a young college student who is in his home town building houses for Habitat for Humanity. John & Savannah fall in love almost immediately & promise to wait for each other – he while she finishes school, her while he does his time in the army.

Ok, so that was destined for failure, wasn’t it? John & Savannah are from completely different worlds with very little in common & these things begin to show more & more after their enforced time apart. They make every effort to make the relationship work, as best they can, but when you’re as far apart as they are, for as long as they are, it’s bound to test even the strongest relationship. When John comes home for his annual leave, they fight as each is expecting things to be exactly the same as when they were last together, but how can it be? They have each moved on to different things, had different experiences & lived different lives in the others’ absence.

After John’s time in the military is up he decides to sign up for another tour, causing further strain on the relationship. After a time Savannah decides to get on with living her life, which she feels can no longer include John, as there is now too much time, too much distance, too much resentment (on Savannah’s behalf) for them to be together, so she sends him a Dear John letter to tell him it’s over.

Now, I haven’t told you the whole story, but this is basically a “Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy does something girl thinks is stupid, boy & girl break up & spend rest of their lives pining for each other” kind of story – which has now been made into a movie……..

Dear John was a nice story, I read it in a day & 1/2 & I am sure that if you were really into reading romance novels, then you would love love love this book. It was ok, but The Wedding was better!


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