Blogging buddies

So, one full week has come & gone & I have done 2 new posts on my postaweek2011 challenge & so far so good. I think my Sunday posting is going to work out really well, but I really need my reading mojo to stick with me!!! WordPress are really pulling out all the stops to help bloggers keep up their postaweek/postaday momentum – they are offering daily suggestions on things to blog about & yesterday they suggested hooking up with a “blogging buddy” – someone who can give the needed encouragement, give feedback, etc. I have subscribed to the blog suggestions & there have been some great ones, which I am sure will come in handy when the mojo decides to go on vacation, lol!

I also decided to look for a blogging buddy & have been lucky enough to find 2! Ironically, by chance, they are both Canadians, like myself & one of them is living here in the UK, too. So, I shall be checking out their blogs (maybe even “pinch” a few ideas if I am lucky!), as they are both doing the postaday challenge. So, to Living with Joy & to Just a lil lost…, I say here’s to us & our blogging!


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  1. livingwithjoy

    Here’s to being blogging buddies! I’m looking forward to being able to check out your book reviews and skip having to read the bad ones. 🙂

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