The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

The Guardian is a story about love, but not necessarily in the traditional sense. The story begins by providing some historical information about the main character, Julie. She married young and was widowed young & after his death her husband sends her a Christmas present – a Great Dane puppy, who she names Singer.

Four years have passed since her husband’s death & Julie decides that perhaps it is time to start dating again. She has the usual bad dates before meeting Richard Franklin, a dashing man who wines and dines Julie & sweeps her off her feet. Watching from the sidelines is Mike Harris,  her dead husband’s best friend & the man she has come to rely on. Mike is in love with Julie, but afraid to tell her, not wanting to be rejected and ruin what he does have.

Things begin to take a turn for the bad when Julie decides to end her relationship with Richard & he begins stalking her.

The Guardian featured the usual Sparks romance – with a dramatic twist (for a romance novel). It was a refreshing turn for Sparks & I enjoyed this book more than any of his I have read. Well done Mr. Sparks! Excellent novel & I hope you write more of the same!


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