I am a very bad person!

THis morning my OH went to the store to get some eggs, bacon & bread so we could have breakfast. While he was there he called me to ask whether I had Henning Mankell‘s Wallander book “The Man Who Smiled” . I said I didn’t, knowing that he would buy it for me (he’s lovely like that!). So, when he came home we unpacked his bags & sure enough, inside was the book………………..(this is where the I am a very bad person comes in).

Thank goodness he had his back to me when I pulled the book out of his backpack, because rather than being happy, like I should have been, I wanted to tell him to take it back! And the reason for this reaction, you ask? Simple. The cover of the book was wrong! See, I told you, I am a very very bad person!

This is the cover of the one he bought: It is the BBC TV series tie in cover…….ugh. I think that the BBC ruined Wallander. Kenneth Branagh is not Wallander. Krister Henriksson is Wallander, but that is not the point. The point is that all of my other Wallander books have the non-tv series tie-in covers & like the anally retentive creature I am, I like all of my books to have matching covers…. Not to mention that I hate tie in covers on books. I will deliberately go out of my way to avoid buying books that have tie-in covers, regardless of whether I like, love or loath the show that the book cover ties into.

I don’t dare say anything because it was so lovely of him to buy it for me, but I wanted the one with this cover: that way it would match the other ones I have! I wonder if he would notice if I traded it for the one with the right cover? I am soooooo bad!!!



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2 responses to “I am a very bad person!

  1. The Millions is a great lit-themed website. Every now and then, they do a contest where they compare US and UK book covers. It’s worth a look. Totally get the cover snobbery. I’ve become a little less obsessed in the last year, because the used stores where I shop frequently sell sans dust jacket.

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