LibraryThing Early Reviewers

I had the worst day ever at work on Friday – almost 2 hours locked behind the door of my office in floods of tears. Those of you who know me might have an idea of how hard it as has been – we have not had any stability at work pretty much since I started there & we have had a change of managers 6 times in 16 months…..too much change. Add on top of that the change of 2 operating systems, which I am in charge of & it has meant that since mid-December I have not done much of own my job. I am so behind that I can’t seem to see the forest for the trees (& I don’t really see an end coming any time soon!)

So, you may be wondering by now what this has to do with books & LibraryThing Early Reviewers…….

I came home from work on Friday totally deflated & hating the world & just about everybody in it, until I walked into my livingroom & there was a big white envelope from Faber & Faber – the publishers. Inside the envelope was this lovely looking book:

Which I have been lucky enough to be sent as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers!!! My OH is baffled about why I keep getting sent these books, but I think it is such a great thing! If you are unfamiliar with LibraryThing and/or the Early Reviewers, have a look here. LibraryThing is an online catalogue for your books, a great place to “talk” with like-minded book readers, learn about new authors & a great place to snag some free books to review!

Oh I love getting free books!! Must finish the other 2 books I have on the go & get this started & get it reviewed!


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  1. tzopilotl

    …interesting name, ceinwenn, mind if i parse
    it for you? i see 3 parcels, a nauatl number,
    ce(N)=one, the definite article=in(N), and
    the noun=uentli(N)=offering=one the offering.
    now let’s see, upper stone age 45k-10k bc,
    wendy/gwen/cawen, the female red deer was
    queen/cawen. hmmm, ce/cel/celtin/celia(N)=
    revive/rebirth=ocelix(N/preterit of celia)=
    oc/ch(r)e, yes, where ochre comes from,
    and the desire is to re-green. long live the celts!

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