I'm so confused! (and getting more confused by the minute) – another non-book post

As some of you may know, I am part owner of a forum for Canadian Expats in the UK. This forum has been a sort of home from home for at least 6 years (through 2 different formats) & it is a place I love dearly. It used to be owned by someone else, but through some crazy circumstances we ended up being the proud owners of http://www.canadian-expats.com (don’t go look though, as there is nothing on there to see). The old website (cancuks.co.uk) lapsed & now someone else owns that domain name, which is how we ended up with canadian-expats.com & canadian-expats.com/forums……..

Now, we (me, Glitter & Rcee) have owned this website/forum for about 3 or 4 years & we have seen our membership dwindle to the point where I wonder whether we should even bother any more. Most days I go on there & there are few or no new posts & while we may have 113 members, there are only a very small handful who ever post anything. I know that a big part of the problem is that no one can find us on the internet very easily.

So, with that in mind & thinking that I might like to own the domains ceinwenn.com & ceinwenn.ca, I went & did a little research. Well, that only led to more confusion & more research, which in turn led to more confusion. I know that we need to get something (preferably something really good!) onto the canadian-expats website, but how? We can’t afford to hire a professional & I certainly can’t do it myself. Maybe I need to take a course at the local uni to learn how to develop websites?!!

Oh yeah & I’m still no further along on deciding whether to buy those domains. Any thoughts?



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  1. I don’t think you should beat yourself up about traffic on the Canadian Expat forum. I just went on to the expat site that comes up first in the search engine (when you put in Canadian expat) – and the most they have ever had online at once is 7 people . . . I am sure some evenings on we’ve had 4 on at once on Canadian Expats in the UK!

    Basically there is just SO much online nowadays, competition is stiff and driving traffic to one’s site is increasingly a challenge.

    Has any consideration been given to making it a Canadians and Americans in the UK site or North Americans iin the UK (or is it sacrelige for me to even mention it LOL!)

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