206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

I spent part of last night setting up a new page on here, where I have listed all the books I have reviewed on my blog. I’ve seen this on a few other blogs & I think it makes a nice easy way for readers (if there are any, lol) to quickly see the books that I have read & click on the link to get to that post, rather than using the archives or the search function of the blog. Whilst doing that I realised that I had not done a review of 206 bones, only the post where I mentioned that I’d read it in just about 1 day.

Up until recently (read as in until Devil Bones) I devoured Kathy Reichs‘ books as soon as they came out. I loved them…then I read Devil Bones & started to wonder if maybe Reichs was going the way of so many other authors who write series. Was it time for Reichs to retire Tempe & Ryan & begin with someone else? It was starting to feel that way – until 206 Bones, that is.

From Amazon: “Temperance Brennan swims to consciousness, queasily aware that her feet are painfully tied to her hands. She finds that she is in an enclosed space, and keeps her fear at bay by remembering what she has been doing recently — travelling with the body of an heiress to a Chicago morgue. Does this have something to do with her grim predicament? Or is it concerned with a recent phone call, an accusation of abuse of practice in the pathology lab? But the man who could have shed light on this call is dead…”

206 Bones sees Brennan & Ryan investigating a series of unusual deaths both in Chicago & Montreal. Upon returning to Montreal Tempe finds that things are happening in the lab, mistakes are made which are causing people to question her abilities & her loyalties. While she battles the horrible Montreal winter, colleagues who suddenly distrust her, and a neighbour who wants to kill her cat, Tempe works to discover what exactly is happening until she is suddenly underground, hog-tied & fighting for her life….again.

I have seen other reviews where some people have expressed some of the same concerns that I am feeling – that maybe there’s a bit of “re-hashing” with these books. Well, there is, but in this instance I didn’t so much mind. I like the story of  Brennan & Ryan, I like the way that they play off of each other & the fact that their relationship is believable. What I don’t like is that Brennan is always in jeopardy in all of Reichs’ books. I think there is enough action in the solving of the cases Reichs crafts to keep readers glued to the pages without having the “Oh look, somebody’s kidnapped Tempe again” moment.

I loved 206 Bones, but I do think that perhaps Reichs ought to take a break & come up with some new characters, or at the very least, write a book or two featuring Brennan & Ryan – without the usual kidnapping taking place. Maybe this is enough of a good thing. Just sayin’



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2 responses to “206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

  1. livingwithjoy

    I love the list of books reviewed! Very helpful. That must have taken forever.

    I picked up Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs the other day at a charity shop. Have you read it?

  2. I have read it – not one of her best ones, to be honest. The earlier books were far superior. That one & the next 2 are the ones which made me wonder whether she was going the way of Patricia Cornwall as in, I never want to read any more of her Kay Scarpetta books because they’re awful now!

    If you haven’t read any of the other books in the series, I would suggest starting with one of the earlier books, then going on to that one. Although, perhaps you won’t get the same negative feeling about the later portion of the series that I got, if you start with that one….

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