Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Spoiler Alert – Do not read this post if you read Lee Child‘s books & have not read 61 Hours yet!

Worth Dying For is the sequel to 61 Hours & sees the story start shortly after 61 Hours ends. Reacher is in Nebraska, having survived the explosion in the military bunker in 61 Hours. He ends up at a motel where he witnesses the power of the Duncan family over the residents of this small Nebraska back-water. As per standard, Reacher refuses to stand by & watch while the citizens are abused on his watch. He, even though he is hurting from his recent run in, takes on the Duncan Clan & their army of ex-football players for security.

Worth Dying For sees the usual level of  drama as Reacher works to ensure that the locals are freed from the hold that the Duncans have over them & while you know that Reacher will succeed, you are never bored even though you know roughly what the outcome will be.

Reacher is a master at sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong, causing absolute chaos & coming out smelling like a rose at the end. Somehow Child manages to write stories which you can relate to, even though you probably really shouldn’t be able to. He spins a tale that leaves you rooting for the main character, even though that main character is a murderer…I guess that it helps that he is always on the side of the good guys & always trying to get justice for those who cannot get it for themselves.

If I had a complaint about Worth Dying For it is just that as a sequel, it doesn’t really tie in very well to 61 Hours. Child doesn’t write much about how Reacher survived the jet fuel explosion which happens at the end of 61 Hours. It is mentioned almost as an after thought, which I think really did a disservice to the readers who had deliberately been left hanging at the end of 61 Hours, with the promise of “To be continued…” It wasn’t really.


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