How do you feel about e-books?

Do you have an e-reader? Is it a Kindle, a Sony, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, etc, etc… If you don’t have one, are you considering it? Would you consider it? What are your feelings?

I don’t have an e-reader & would never (although they do say never say “never”) buy one. For me there is just something special about the process of buying a book – going to the book store, wandering around looking at all that loveliness, picking up books & reading the backs, putting them back & moving on to the next before making my choice… That is such a fun thing to do & something that I am not willing to give up.

Then, there’s the whole process of actually reading that chosen book. I love the feel of the book in my hands from the covers, the slide of the paper between my fingers as I turn the pages, the sounds the spine makes as it loosens up a bit from being handled, the smell of the pages, the weight of the book – all things that I love that you just would not get from an e-reader, so strike 2 on buying an e-reader for me.

I only know 1 person who owns an e-reader & I have no idea whether he uses it or not, but the other thing for me is that I look at a computer screen for 8-12 hours a day & the last thing I want to do when reading for pleasure is look at another screen!

From an author’s point of view, I know that for independent novelist e-books are really being pushed as they are so much cheaper to produce than a paper book. For me, this means that I may not be able to read the next book that one of my favourite authors is about to release. She is looking at only e format, which means that she is eliminating me from her book reading public. I get why this is happening, but I certainly don’t like it.

I know that a lot of people think that paper books are going the way of the dodo, but are they? I know more people who say they would prefer paper to e, and surely we are not in the minority? But, even if we were the minority, we are a large minority & can publishers really afford to alienate us?




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6 responses to “How do you feel about e-books?

  1. Tara Murphy

    I love my sony e-reader as well as books. The reader is great for taking along a library when you go on trips and its good for those books you kinda want to read, but really don’t feel like owning. You can borrow ebooks from libraries and there are thousands of free books all over the internet. Because the screen isn’t lit, its easy on the eyes and very like paper. Its also good for people with aging eyes, as you can adjust the size of the font.
    Bottom line, although I would never give up paper books, I’m quite attached to my reader as well.

  2. I’m very tempted, mostly for the ease of reading while traveling and commuting. However, I buy most books from charity shops and often lend to friends. All that goes out the window with an e-reader.

    Like you I love going into a bookstore and choosing books, along with the feeling of holding a book.

    Eventually I’ll probably give in – we’ll see when!

  3. Okay, there wasn’t enough room in the poll to explain myself. 😉 Here’s what I meant: I am currently reading an e-book because I figured I could neither damn them nor praise them without actually having read one. I’d love to have access to an e-reader for my experiment, but I’m not willing to shell out the money unless I know I’ll like it, so I’m reading my chosen e-book on an iPod Touch. It’s not as bad as I feared, there are features I really like, and I might buy more (!)—but I have serious concerns about the e-book system in its current form. I’m also plotting a run to a used book store this weekend, so it’s not like I’m abandoning paper any time soon. And no, the e-book can’t match the sheer aesthetic wonderfulness of a paper book.

  4. LOL what weird timing for this post! When you posted this on the 23rd, that was the day I was talking to my friend about it and she convinced me to get one, and I bought one on the 24th!

    I haven’t read through a whole book on it yet (as I’m finishing another one) but it actually looks/works pretty well! I got the kobo and the books are a bit cheaper, but always has discounts and promos. I’m like you though, I love the feel of an actual book, but I commute on the bus & subway a lot, so reading a heavy & thick hardcover book is not only heavy and awkward to carry, but hurts my wrists propping it up! LOL!

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