E-books & E-readers ~ part II

So, as I mentioned before, I am not a great fan of e-books or the idea of e-books. To me, it just goes against the grain, is contrary to nature, it just somehow seems so wrong. Quite a while ago I did download an e-book (or a version thereof) onto my computer (It was the Hunchback of Notre Dame), because it was free on Google books. I never read it – oh I tried. Boy did I try. It felt wrong & I hated it, so I gave up.

I just know that I am going to be (or at least try to be) the last human on the planet to buy an e-reader. I feel that strongly about them. I don’t want to support something that is attributing to the demise of the book store,  the library & the paper book (ok, maybe we could argue about the first two, but I am right about the last one!). Call me a traditionalist (I’m Ok with that!), but I think that publishers are being short sighted when it comes to the publishing of e-books over paper books. I think they are limiting the audience who will get to experience these wonderful books & in my mind, that is never a good thing. It’s almost like segregation, only with books. Sure, e-books are often (at least in the UK) cheaper than paper books, but the readers you need to read them on sure aren’t. I can’t afford to spend £111.00 on something that will allow me to read books. How many people are being denied wonderful books just because a small portion of the world wants everything to be digital?

Now, one of my favourite authors has just released her latest book (her fourth! 🙂 ) & the only way that I am going to be able to read it is by buying the Kindle version & downloading it onto my laptop. This is the book in question:

– the book that is causing me untold emotional stress (ok, maybe I am exaggerating slightly). I want to read her book, I want to support her, & I want other people to read  her book & support her, but something is stopping me from pressing that button on amazon.co.uk & downloading it onto my computer….what to do, what to do!



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2 responses to “E-books & E-readers ~ part II

  1. Thanks for the lovely plug, Ceinwenn. 🙂

    Might I suggest you download the free sample chapter to your PC and see how you get on? Another of my fans had your misgivings (and I certainly share them), but she read the sample and thinks she’ll probably go ahead and order because she’s hooked on the story already.

    There won’t be a chance to read this book in paper, as far as I can tell. I’ve published this independently because editors thought it was unmarketable. COLD COMFORT FARM meets REBECCA? Hmmm, I see their point… 😉

    • Well, by the looks of the way it is shooting up the list on Amazon, hopefully you will very soon be able to say “Ha! You were wrong!” to them. I truly hope that this book does very well for you!

      In all honesty, because it is you & I have been waiting for your next book, I know that I will download it, I just needed to express my opinions on e-books again! lol

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