Death from Child abuse….and no one heard

***Warning – Some may find this post upsetting***

I read this book a long time ago (not long after it was originally published) & it haunts me to this day. It is the chronicling of the last 2 months in the life of a beautiful 5-year old girl named Ursula Sunshine Assaid. Ursula was abused to death by her mother’s live-in boyfriend. She was made to march up and down the trailer they lived in reciting the alphabet – if she got it wrong or hesitated at all she was beaten and made to start again. Her killer would tie her to a tree outside in the yard for almost an entire day & if Ursula soiled herself she was made to march around the trailer with the dirty clothes on her head. She was denied sleep, food, water – all the basics in life (although the bastard who killed her was kind enough to feed her soap sandwiches – slivers of a bar of soap between 2 pieces of bread).

After Ursula had finally died at the hands of her torturer he hid her tiny body in a sail bag which he weighted down and threw into a drainage pond. Ursula’s mother did nothing to prevent this abuse, and as a result went to prison (although she was only sentenced to 15 years, of which she served 5). Donald McDougal was sentenced to 34 years in prison, but was subsequently murdered himself. (I’m not normally one for retribution, but in this case I would say he got what he deserved!)

Anyway, as I have said, this book has haunted me over the years & for the past few weeks especially so. I don’t know why it’s haunting me so much at the moment, but it is. Maybe I just needed to do what I am doing now – write about it, about Ursula, so that maybe someone out there will read the book, see something of a similar situation & do something about it. Ursula never stood a chance, but there had been signs that she was being abused & no one did anything to save her. I pray that heaven treats Ursula better than earth did!



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13 responses to “Death from Child abuse….and no one heard

  1. Katherine

    tragic and horrendous! The authors are Eve Krupinski and Dana Weikel.

  2. omg how horrendous. And the fact that it’s a true story, I’m assuming? (I thought it was fiction at first until you posted the picture)
    Usually stories to do with kids and abuse really disturbs me, I can’t imagine how I’d feel once I have my own children. Have you read The Lovely Bones? That was really chilling to read too. Also, watching the show “The Killing” (on AMC).. about solving a young girl’s disappearance and murder.. great show, but disturbing… 😦

    • Lisa

      I read this years ago as well. When I think of child abuse this book always come to mind. Like you it is the worst story I ever read and although not a long book it took me months to read. I could only stomach one or two pages a day and read it through teary read eyes. Heartbreaking

  3. Unfortunately it is a very sad but true story. I haven’t read The Lovely Bones, not too sure about it.I try to avoid stories like that nowadays.

  4. Kozzet Pettit

    Omg this book is so sad it made me want to cry.So me and my friends made up a group and its called Please Stop Child Abuse.And so we made 100 posters and we found 100 people to help march around.So thats what i’ve wrote about and so I hope you would like to help and so if you want to join just email me and i hope you do want to join and I will make you a poster my self.

    • Jerri Scroggins

      So great you would be moved to really get into to some kind of action. I admire anyone who trys to make a difference. I am returning back to school at age 58, I thought about Pediactric Nursing, I am now leaning towards Social Work instead, so perhaps I can make a difference for some abused little innocent baby or child – before they come to the hospital. js

  5. Belinda

    I read this book several years ago and it is haunting my mind stll. I cried, screamed, threw up and cried some more while reading that book. It is by far the worst book that I have ever read. With that said I believe that every parent, every teacher, every day care provider, and every person that loves children should read this book. That little girl could have been saved. At least a half dozen (or more) people witnessed or was aware of the abuse that she was being subjected to. They did nothing. Every one needs to know her story. They need to feel it in the depths of their souls so that other children will be saved.

    • Jerri Scroggins

      I so agree, I remember being at MD Anderson Hospital with a friend and thinking about the people without a friend by their side, not that this is related to child abuse, but – walking those halls and seeing some of the elderly people walk and feel so alone and lost…made me think – Anyone starting in school early on…should walk those halls, maybe our society would have more compassion for those who could use a helping hand, even a kind word. Perhaps, children seeing this would veer them from ever wanting to ever harm another human being as they grow up in our world.

  6. Jim

    We just got the publishing rights and reprinted the book Death from Child Abuse…and no one heard. It is available at present only on our not for profit website: The book is in demand to this day for educators and government training programs.

    • Jerri Scroggins

      SO CONGRATULATIONS in making this so important. I will plan to order it and hopefully pass it on after I read it. Education is where we need to start and stay with it…I hope one day with my change in plans for school, I can make a difference in a child life, especially being able to help someone who may be in the beginning of a miserable life of abuse. Emotional or physical, no child or person should have to go through that. It is very damaging to one that has gone through it…I know. Emotional abuse too…needs more attention, it is alarming what it causes to that person living it as they become adults.

  7. Kozzie Pettit

    I read this book it makes me cry every time I see it on my book shelf. I just wish that he didn’t do that to her if I was there and saw that I would kick him out of my house! 😥

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