The Camel Club by David Baldacci

The Camel Club is the first in a series of books, about the Camel Club – a rag-tag group of men in Washington D.C. who have made it their aim to “police” the world of politics. The group comprises: Oliver Stone (not his real name), the group’s leader who has a secret past & a tent in Lafayette Park, opposite the White House, where he is a long standing protestor of the government & their desire to keep its citizens in the dark. Milton Farb an OCD suffering genius who has a photographic memory & is a millionaire as a result of a stint on Jeopardy!, Caleb Shaw a mild-mannered Library of Congress employee who has a penchant for dressing in costume & Reuben Rhodes a Vietnam vet & former government employee who had been down on his luck, involved in booze & drugs before Stone found him & helped him get clean. Like I said, rag-tag.

The Camel Club sees Stone et al become witnesses to the murder of an NIC intelligence analyst, while they are on Roosevelt Island having their weekly Camel Club meeting. While the Camel Club try to make their escape the killers discover that they were not alone on the island & thus begins the hunt to eliminate the witnesses. We are introduced to all of the main characters of the series in this book – Carter Grey, the Intelligence chief, Secret Service agent Alex Ford & President James Brennan, all of whom are integral to the sub-plot of the book.

Ford is one of the agents assigned to investigate the murder, which everyone else is wanting to write off as a suicide. Ford doesn’t accept this & in the process manages to ruffle a few too many feathers landing himself back on Presidential protection duty. While on bodyguard duty Alex is forced to attend the renaming of the Pennsylvania town where President Brennan was born where unbeknownst to him & the rest of the Secret Service a trained terrorist cell are planning the unthinkable.

The Camel Club is the 3rd book of the Camel Club series which I have read & I would definitely recommend that you read them in the correct order! I didn’t (by mistake) & I have to admit, it sort of ruined books 2 & 3.  I quite enjoyed The Camel Club, but I did struggle with it initially. It doesn’t flow like the 2nd & 3rd books do, largely in part due to the establishing of the “stories” of each of the characters.  I suspect I wouldn’t have had a problem with this had I not read the other two first, though. All-in-all, a very enjoyable read & one I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a thriller!


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  1. Jim A. FREEMAN

    New intrest has been stired, in the wake of what coninues to happen in and around D.C. The Camel Club, brings things to lite that we norm’s don’t get to see first hand. I was recently question about the very first of the Camel Club books. “The Roosevelt Island, episode”, which is close to where A Dear friend is visting right now. 🙂 With in a bycicle ride. And anyone that has visted D. C. in the past remembers the Verterans, that pitch thier tents along side the pathways, to the Memorials.

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