The Collectors by David Baldacci

  The Collectors is the second book in the Camel Club series by David Baldacci. In The Collectors we are introduced to Annabelle Conroy, a professional con artist who is planning the con of a lifetime against casino owner Jerry Bagger, the man who murdered her mother. Conroy picks the men she will work the con with and they slowly put together the pieces of Annabelle’s plan – one long and 2 shorts.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, Caleb and the Library of Congress are thrown into turmoil when the Library’s Head of Rare Books, Jonathan DeHaven, drops dead, seemingly of natural causes. Caleb finds DeHaven & to him & the Camel Club something just doesn’t add up right. When Caleb finds out that he has been named executor of DeHaven’s private book collection  he & the team go to DeHaven’s home to look at the books in his book vault. While there Caleb discovers a secret, one so great that they are left wondering if this was the reason DeHaven was murdered.

The stories of Annabelle Conroy & The Camel Club run parallel to each other in The Collectors, until the point where Annabelle crosses paths with The Camel Club in Washington, where we learn some vital clues about DeHaven & his past.

The Collectors should have been an excellent story, full of drama & suspense, but unfortunately for me this was not the case. And before you ask – no I did not do my usual trick of reading the ending first! I didn’t need to this time because I already knew what was going to happen even before I read one word of this book. This was quite unfortunate because it really did ruin this book for me. Unfortunately, I had read the 3rd book in the series (Stone Cold), before I read this one & Stone Cold essentially re-caps all of The Collectors within its storyline, which meant that I knew the outcome of the book & had a very good idea of how the characters got to where they ended up at the end of The Collectors.

On its own The Collectors would make a brilliant stand-alone book, but it also compliments the series very well. The Collectors is a far better book than The Camel Club & is as good as Stone Cold – just make sure you read them in the right order, lol!  🙂


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