Readwalking – do you do it?

I was trying to think of something to write about today when I chanced upon a post on another blog about this. Readwalking seems to be something that a lot of people have blogged about, either as the person doing the readwalking or their observations about people doing it.

Admittedly, I am guilty of it! During the week, the only opportunity I really have to read is on my way to work & on my way home at night. This means reading while in transit, including whilst walking! I’ve become quite adept at it, too. I’ve yet (touch wood) to hurt myself while readwalking, which is saying something considering what a clutz I am! I try to be selective about my readwalking – if the sidewalks are busy then I wait until it’s quiet, then open the book again. I do occasionally stumble, but I refuse to believe that it’s a result of the reading-while-walking because I stumble while walking all the time.

I find that readwalking on the walk from the bus home is easier as I take a different route & it’s a lot quieter and there’re fewer obstacles for me to navigate. Reading is something I get immense pleasure from but have so little time for, so if reading while walking means I can fit in 6-10 more pages a day, that can only be a good thing, right?

So, are you a readwalker?



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5 responses to “Readwalking – do you do it?

  1. livingwithjoy

    I’m definitely not a readwalker. Even if I thought I could manage to do it, I’ve never seen a readwalker that wasn’t disrupting the flow of traffic in London. I’ve had so many people randomly slow down in front of me (causing me to crash into them and them to give me a dirty look) because they were reading. Same thing with reading things on the phone. People get oblivious to the fact that other people are around them. London sidewalks require full attention, especially at rush hour.

    I saw a book yesterday in Waterstones that made me think of you. It was about reading your way around the world and recommended books from every country!

  2. Like I said, I am very careful about doing it, but I would agree with you – London (or any busy city) is not the place to readwalk! Luckily I live in the suburbs & my daily walk to & from the bus means I usually pass about 6-10 people (and that’s being generous!)

    Do you remember what the book was called?

  3. Ack – now I can’t find it on their site. I’ll check next time I’m in town and take a picture this time!!

  4. livingwithjoy

    The book is called “Reading on Location: Great Books Set in Top Travel Destinations”. So, probably not every country, but I thought it was a really interesting idea.

  5. I’ve recently picked up the dangerous art of reading while working on the way to work during rush hour, on the underground, in London. I only manage it because my peripheral and spacial awareness is pretty amazing. I’m pretty considerate and my badass city instinct prevents me being an annoying mid-traffice stopper! Nice post!

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