The Whole Truth by David Baldacci

The Whole Truth is the 1st book in a new (or at least new to me) series by David Baldacci & I seem to have developed a love for the main character in this book! I’ve (after the fact) seen a lot of pretty bad reviews about this book, but I loved it!

The basic premise is that “wealthy arms dealer Nicholas Creel is facing his own personal credit crunch, and needs to find a way to kickstart his business. Would starting a war help? Creel would hardly be averse to that. Anna Fischer is enjoying her professorial activities, but is growing dismayed at world events. Her life is transformed when her new lover proposes marriage — but there is a side to her boyfriend’s life that may threaten all she holds dear. Journalist Katie James is casting around for a way to salvage her stalled career, when something falls into her lap — a story with very dangerous elements. And the mysterious Shaw, operative for a clandestine intelligence organisation, wants to give it all up — but finds that an employer wants him to tackle one final all-important job. ” – (from Amazon)

This book is just full of things that you (scarily) could see happening in today’s world. Initially we are introduced to A. Shaw, who is essentially a government employed mercenary (only he’s the good kind, lol), who travels the world doing the bidding (unofficially) of the US government, doing their dirty work.

Then, you’ve got a bigger-than-it-should-be arms dealer who doesn’t like the way the world is & thinks things should return to the cold war era, when the enemies were known & the world was a far safer place (at least in his estimation). The sudden appearance of a video on the internet sparks a new hatred for the old enemy, Russia & suddenly things are getting out of control. Videos of dead bodies, supposedly people murdered by the Russian government, start turning up and people start demanding that action be taken against Russia. Only, is reality what it seems to be, or are they all too willing to believe what they see – simply because it seems to be true? Anna Fischer, a German genius who works for a think-tank in London becomes intrigued & begins to investigate the videos – at which point, all hell breaks loose.

I really would love to talk about exactly what happens in this book because it is so scarily possible, but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone. I loved the character Shaw & I definitely will be reading the further installments to see what he gets up to. In a way he reminds me a lot of Jack Reacher – who I also love!

About the only thing that drove me crazy about this book was one slight inaccuracy. In the book Shaw travels to Edinburgh & checks into The Balmoral Hotel. Baldacci describes the hotel, or more importantly the room that Shaw checks into. He says that his room faces Princes Street, but that Shaw looks out his bedroom window (to his right) at Edinburgh Castle. That’s not physically possible! If Shaw’s room faces Princes Street, then Edinburgh Castle is to the LEFT, not the right! The only way that Edinburgh Castle could be to Shaw’s right would be if Shaw’s room in the Balmoral faces Market Street, not Princes Street! That one bugged me a lot, can you tell?

All in all, though I thought this was a very good book, full of scary ideas that hopefully won’t ever come true!


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