Want to Play? by PJ Tracy

Recently my OH has been moaning about the amount of books in the house (shock horror, imagine, books in a house of readers, lol!), so to prove a point (he wants to sell the books on eBay) we embarked on a round up of the various books in the various rooms of our house. That was when I came across Want to Play (which I didn’t know I even had), by P. J. Tracy. I liked the looks of the cover, so decided to give it a read.

P.J. Tracy are a writing team – mother & daughter – & this is their first book. I LOVED it! I’m not aware of having read many books written as a collaboration, but I am a little wary of these kinds of books, as I think it would typically be pretty easy to tell where one writer ends & the other takes over. That certainly wasn’t the case with this book!

Want to Play was published in North American as Monkeewrench – I like the UK title & UK cover much better. I’m not sure I would have picked it up if I’d seen it with the US title.

About the book: (from the back of the book) – Minneapolis, a brutally cold autumn. And a killer is at work. Two bodies are found, two slayings that the police treat as unrelated. But games-creator Grace MacBride knows different. The murders are exact copies of those in a game she’s designing – one that already has hundreds of eager players. As the copycat killings mount up, Grace knows that she is both suspect and potential victim. And with the serial killer getting closer, she is drawn into a murderous game of cat and mouse…want to play?

Want to Play actually follows 2 different police departments – both with murders – in 2 different states. We are introduced to computer game developer, Grace MacBride, who is far from what she appears – and she appears odd! As the killings mount will the police be able to protect Grace, or is Grace the ultimate killer – able to kill at will and not get caught by the police who are investigating the game she has developed?

I thought that Want to Play was a really good book, with lots of twists & turns – and some genuine funny parts, too. All in all, a very very good read & I will definitely be searching out the rest of the series!


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  1. livingwithjoy

    I can’t think of any collaborative books either (at least fictions – I’ve read lots of non-fiction collaborations). I just finished a book of short stories by various authors that may turn me off collaborations for good!

    I’m glad this one worked out so well. I’m curious on how they write. Must be an interesting process.

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