A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future… by Michael J. Fox

It is a pretty poorly kept secret that I am a devout Michael J. Fox fan (mostly because I keep telling people, lol), so I was pretty excited to learn that he had a new book out. Having read & loved his two previous offerings, I obviously HAD to buy the new one. I placed my order with Amazon, sat back & waited for it to arrive. About a week before my holiday it arrived & I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with what I got!

I had been expecting a proper book, like the last two (especially based on the £6.98 price tag!), but it’s just a tiny book, about the size of a small children’s storybook. I tried desperately to get over that disappointment, but never really managed it, which quite possibly tainted my outlook when it came to reading it. Sadly, I really wish I hadn’t bothered.  I understand that the idea behind this book is a sort of “graduation present” for High School/University grads, but I think it would have to be given to a grad who wasn’t a Michael J. Fox fan (& even then I think they would be hard pressed to get up much enthusiasm for this book!). It’s supposed to be Fox’s way of passing on his life lessons, but I didn’t think that this offering, being as thin as it is, really offered any insight at all into how Fox’s experiences gave him his “degree in life”.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some interesting things in this tiny book, but it was nothing that a fan of his wouldn’t already know, which made it feel like it was a waste of both my time & my hard earned money. I felt like I had been scammed by a snake oil salesman. The sad thing is that even if someone told me that all the proceeds from the sale of every single book went to Parkinson’s research, I’d still feel like I’d been scammed!


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