Why do publishers not advertise that books are part of a series?

Ok, I admit it does sometime happen, but not often enough. The last 2 books I have read have both been part of series (& unfortunately for me, they were not the 1st book in each of these series) but neither book was marked to indicate that it was part of a series. The first one I read was Kisscut by Karin Slaughter & the second was The Leopard by Jo Nesbo. Kisscut was a great book, but it ruined the book that comes before it, if you hadn’t already read it. I now pretty much know what happened, so why bother reading it? The Leopard was also a great book, but unlike Kisscut, it doesn’t ruin what happens in the book before it. I have a vague idea what happened in The Snowman after having read The Leopard, but Nesbo didn’t really give anything away & I am going to run out & get the rest of Nesbo’s books, because I loved The Leopard.

So, my question is – to all the publishers out there – if you represent an author who writes a series of books about the same central characters, why can’t you tell us that? Is it really so difficult? It surely makes sense to put something like: “An Inspector Hole novel” or “A Jack Reacher Story”, like are on Lee Child’s books. Doing so would alert potential readers to the fact that the book they have in their hands might not be the one they want to read just yet & would save people from doing what I did – reading a book out of order & having that ruin the book that came directly before it.

Just a thought!


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  1. livingwithjoy

    Glad to know The Leopard was good. I have The Snowman on my shelf waiting to be read.

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