Kisscut by Karin Slaughter

Kisscut is the second book in a series featuring pediatrician/coroner Sara Linton (It’s now known as the Grant County Series), her ex-husband Jeffery, who is the Chief of police & his team of officers. Unfortunately, this book is not labeled as being part of a series & really, it should be. Within the early part of the book you find out what happened in the first book, practically rendering it unnecessary to read it.

That said, I would highly recommend Kisscut (but read Blindsighted first!), but do beware that the subject matter is upsetting. Kisscut begins innocently enough, with Sara at the local roller skating rink, about to begin a date with her ex-husband. All too quickly things fall apart & the day descends into violence, with Sara’s ex-husband, Jeffery in the middle of the action. Sara & Jeffery soon realise that something sinister is happening with the town’s children.

I flew through Kisscut in a couple of days – which is saying a lot as I usually only get to read on the bus to & from work. The subject matter is gut-wrenching, but Slaughter handles it in a manner that makes it manageable, though certainly not comfortable. I like Slaughter’s style of writing & I especially like that she was willing to tackle a subject that not many other authors would & did it well.

I suppose the only parts I didn’t like was that some of the characters seemed a little “off” to me, though maybe that would have been different had I read the first book (I guess we’ll find out once I’ve read it) & the other one – well I can’t talk about it without ruining the book, unfortunately. To be honest, I really can’t say much about this book without giving too much away as the action starts straight off in the beginning of the book! Suffice to say, I really enjoyed Kisscut & will be buying more by Karin Slaughter!



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2 responses to “Kisscut by Karin Slaughter

  1. Blargh, I hate when books do that… not indicating it’s part of a series.. and it’s a fine line between doing a quick recap & not giving anything away for new readers vs retelling the whole darn story (thereby boring the ones who have already read it)

  2. Or ruining it for people who have yet to read it!

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