Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs

I have found that a lot of authors who write a series of books about the same character(s) get to a point that you, the reader, wish they had killed off said character(s) well before they actually do (if they ever do). Well, it was starting to feel that way with the Tempe Brennan series. I have loved the books – the first 10, at least. 11 & 12 were not great, (bordering on awful) & I wondered if Reichs had reached that point where it would be better to just walk away from the characters because the stories were getting more & more unreal & much less enjoyable.

So, it was with some apprehension that I bought Spider Bones. I needn’t have worried.

Spider Bones see’s Dr. Brennan back in Montreal, just as spring is beginning to come into full-force. A body is discovered floating in a lake in the suburbs & Brennan & Detective Ryan investigating the find. The body is quickly ID’d as John Lowery, but that’s just where the fun begins. It seems as though the body they find was “previously” identified & buried in the USA. So,  just who is buried in the US, & who is the body Brennan & Ryan thought they had identified?

Spider Bones was full of the old twists & turns that Reichs is known for, along with the usual forensic information & sexual tension between Ryan & Brennan. It was definitely a return to form (I couldn’t put it down) for Reichs & I can only hope that her next one is as good as this.


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